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Peter Kwangware

Peter Kwangware was born in 1974. From 1995 to 1997 he studied art at the well-known B.A.T. Visual Art Studios of the National Gallery in Harare (Zimbabwe). Peter Kwangwares works are vivid, figurative paintings mostly in oil. His paintings are inspired by social aspects of African life and explore themes of everyday living in both the city and rural areas. Oftenly he paints popular spots such as fields, markets and strives to tell the tales of present times in Zimbabwe in a manner which is nevertheless permanent.


1996 Final year exhibition, National Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe
1996 Christmas exhibition, Sandro's gallery
1996 Zimbabwe heritage exhibition, National Gallery
1996 17 views, Mutupo Gallery
1997 Time, Color and Culture Exhibition, National Gallery
1997 Young Artists Exhibition, Delta Gallery
1998 Solo Exhibition, Mutupo Gallery
1998 Graphics exhibition, Delta Gallery
1998 Contemporary Art in Zimbabwe, The Netherlands
1998 Women in African Art, Austria
1998 Zimbabwean Artists, South Africa
1999 Christmas Show, Innerspace Gallery
1999 Color and Movement, Innerspace Gallery
2000 Juxtaposition, Innerspace Gallery
2000 Young artists exhibition, Delta Gallery
2000 Group Show, Veranda Gallery

Awards at the Annual Heritage Exhibitions

1997 Award of Merit
1997 Award of Distinction
1997 Award of Distinction - Young Artists of Promise
1998 Award of Merit